CESEM (Sociology and Musical Aesthetics Research Center) is a centre dedicated to the research of musical phenomenon in its widely varied forms – sociological, aesthetic, historical, compositional, etc. – through the integration of several disciplines of musicology and other social sciences. Its support of research manifests itself in the forming of a specialized library and in the maintenance of two laboratories; in the financing of academic publications and participation in international conferences; in the organization of conferences and development of self-financed projects; in the receiving of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers.

In view of this work, CESEM integrates several groups of researchers, members and collaborators from multiple areas and specific themes, promoting a transdisciplinary approach to music and its various forms and interactions.
SociMus (Group of Advanced Studies in Sociology of Music) is a platform for the production and propagation of knowledge, dedicated to exploring a variety of questions with interdisciplinary approaches and methods, focused mainly on music sociology. This platform houses a series of other research groups with more specific thematic focus, allowing for academic contact between their members, namely NEGEM (Group of Studies in Gender and Music), CysMus (Group of Studies in Music and Cyberculture), and NEMI (Group of Studies in Music and Press).


CESEM – Centre for the Study of Sociology and Aesthetics of Music 

Address: Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas – FCSH/NOVA

Av. de Berna, 26 C, 1069-061 Lisboa | Portugal

Phone: (+351) 21 790 83 00  (ext. 1496)


Email: cesem@fcsh.unl.pt

www.fcsh.unl.pt | http://www.cesem.fcsh.unl.pt/